Ambassador Program

Benefits - As a brand ambassador for Brians Hats, you will receive many benefits:

  • A personal discount code, to be used by you and you alone, for 30% off all products, one per style.

  • A referral code to be used when referring friends, family, and followers to purchase apparel, can be used by anyone, for 10% off all products, at any time. You can also use this code if you would like.

  • For every 10 referrals that lead to a purchase, you will earn one free hat of your choice, to keep or give away.

  • Occasional special discounts for ambassadors only, as they are available.

Rules and Requirements - These rules and requirements apply to all brand ambassadors that work with Brians Hats.

  • You must have an active social media account with a following of at least 5,000.

  • You must be able to create quality content that represents Brians Hats well.

  • You must be accountable, morally sound, and well spoken.

  • All images posted of our hats may be used in our marketing, social media or otherwise.

  • We require transparency in our relationship. All brand ambassadors are required by law to disclose that they have a business relationship with a company.

  • Promoting other hat companies is not allowed.

  • Inappropriate language or behavior, or sexual content will not be tolerated.

Failure to uphold these rules and regulations will be considered grounds for immediate termination of our ambassador relationship with you.